UPDATED on May 23rd, 2012

The Undergraduate Research Journal at Florida Atlantic University (FAURJ) is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that is published annually. The FAURJ will be published online. Its missions are to showcase high quality undergraduate research in all fields, supply younger students with an idea of the standard of research, and promote inquiry-based activities at FAU.

The URJ at FAU is now accepting manuscript submissions for the 2013 volume. The deadline for submission is Friday MAY 10, 2013! One volume of the FAURJ is published each year. Each volume consists of two issues. The first issue is published in spring and the second in fall. The issue in which a manuscript is published is dependent on the amount of time it takes our volunteer reviewers to review the manuscript. This is dependent both on reviewer availability and quality of the manuscript.



To be eligible for publication, research must be done by an undergraduate student or students at Florida Atlantic University. The research must be mentored by an FAU faculty member. Two or more FAU undergraduate students may co-author a single manuscript submission.



  • .Doc format (Microsoft Word)
  • Body: 12 point font, Times New Roman
  • References: 10 point font, Times New Roman
  • 1-inch margins, double spaced
  • Include page numbers
  • Conform to documentation format appropriate to student’s discipline (APA, IEEE, MLA, CBE, etc.)
  • Include publication-ready figures and tables throughout the manuscript

Submission Procedure

Please submit the following as SEPARATE attachments in one e-mail to fauurj@gmail.com*:

  1. Cover Letter (submit in .doc format titled “CoverLetter_yourname”)
  2. Short bio (submit in .doc format titled “Shortbio_yourname”)
  3. Manuscript (submit in .doc format titled “Manuscript_yourname”)
  4. Abstract (submit in .doc format titled “Abstract_yourname”)
  5. Research Supervisor Release Form (scan and submit in .pdf format titled “SupervisorRelease_yourname”)
  6. Student Release Form (scan and submit in .pdf format titled “StudentRelease_yourname”)

*FAURJ reserves the right to reject manuscripts not submitted in the above-mentioned formats by the established submission deadline.

Review Process

All written manuscripts will be submitted through SafeAssign as part of the peer-review process. Each manuscript will be reviewed anonymously by 1-2 qualified undergraduate and/or graduate student peer-reviewers and one faculty reviewer. After each manuscript is reviewed, the author(s) will receive email confirmation of whether the manuscript was accepted. Accepted manuscripts will be returned to the author(s) with comments/edits via track changes. The author(s) will be expected to make revisions in a timely manner and return the revised manuscript to FAURJ editors for layout design.

Writing Guidelines

Although manuscript formats vary by discipline, the following links may aid students in writing papers for publication in the URJ at FAU or elsewhere. Please consult with your faculty advisor for guidance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at fauurj@gmail.com.

Adapted from UCF, UF-JUR, FSURJ, and UCLA-USJ websites.

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